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Automatic DPF cleaning machine introduction DPF full automatic washing machine is a kind of special cleaning equipment used for DPF regeneration. It is composed of high pressure air as the medium and through the control of the air gun device to drive the full range of high-pressure air scanning DPF every small hole, so as to DPF in the impurity blow out, to achieve the purpose of DPF regeneration.

Two) fully automatic DPF cleaning machine model meaning HD-V38-01-01

Three) automatic DPF cleaning machine automatic DPF cleaning machine includes the electrical control system of gas supply system, a machine gun system, automatic dust collecting system and accessories. As shown in Figure 2 and figure 1

1): the welded box and plate bending, the plane strengthened and deformation, the box is painted yellow, the box is divided into two cavity, the left chamber cleaning area, the right chamber is the electrical control system installation area, the left and right cavity cavity closed off to prevent dust pollution into the working chamber electrical components of the electrical system, the left cavity is rotating platform is divided into two cavity, cavity is installed on the air gun, air hose, lighting and other components; inferior vena cava installed with air gun, air hose and lighting etc.. The bottom of the cleaning machine is provided with a dust collector, and the impurities are concentrated at the dust collecting mouth under the influence of gravity and wind. The box body is provided with a transparent protective door to prevent dust from blowing out the box body, and the operator can monitor the cleaning status of the DPF in real time through the transparent cover protection door.

2)   rotating platform: rotary platform is composed of motor, gear pair   and DPF adapter plate and so on. The motor provides the power to drive the motor shaft to rotate the pinion, the pinion drives the big gear below the rotary platform to rotate, so as to realize the power transmission. Different models of the DPF configuration has the corresponding model of the DPF adapter plate, clean the different models of the DPF should be corresponding to the adapter plate into the rotating platform, and then DPF and corresponding adapter plate connection, so as to provide power for DPF rotation.

3), wind, air gun device: the device is mainly composed of servo motor, ball screw, electrical control components etc.. The upper and lower gun device provided by the servo motor driven ball screw driven by high pressure air gun, the diameter or radius along the DPF direction of the back and forth movement.

4) electrical control system: electrical control system using PLC control, electrical control system is the & of the equipment; #8220; brain & #8221; its role is mainly to the implementation of the cleaning machine instructions. Thus, the air gun can drive the full range of the high-pressure air to scan the DPF every small hole to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

5)   the dust collection box is made of stainless steel, the color is yellow, the interior is provided with HEPA filter, the filter accuracy can reach 0.3-0.5 microns.

6)   negative pressure air blower with high pressure air blower, with strong adsorption capacity, large amount of air treatment and so on.

Figure 3  full automatic DPF cleaning process flow chart

See the machine cleaning process flow chart, the first step: to test DPF regeneration pressure at both ends and recorded, the second step: the need to regenerate DPF into the regeneration furnace (furnace) were heated to 700-800 degrees Celsius, this process can be DPF in the residual oil and flammable sulfate or phosphate oxidation. The third step: the heat after cleaning the DPF into the high pressure air cleaning machine, a gun driven by mechanical high-pressure air gun full scan DPF every orifice in the air under the high pressure air will blow out impurities inside the DPF, finally cleaned DPF pressure test pressure and pressure difference comparison with the new DPF, if similar, then the end of cleaning, if the pressure difference between the larger returns to the second step cleaning cycle until it reaches the DPF regeneration effect. Four) fully automatic DPF cleaning machine working principle.

One) motor drives the rotary platform) counter clockwise, counterclockwise rotation of the rotating platform with DPF, and the rotation speed of the rotating platform can be stepless speed control; electric control system of mechanical hand gun device drives the high-pressure air gun along the DPF direction and radius of linear motion, and the running speed of the air gun is adjustable. A machine gun in a position to stop rotating DPF 360& #176; when a machine gun along the radius direction of running a certain distance, and so on, so that the mechanical hand gun can scan to DPF each hole. Achieve the purpose of cleaning. The cleaning machine is provided with a timer, cleaning DPF, according to the degree of DPF blocked set cleaning time, set the time, automatically stop working equipment, liberation operation personnel at the same time, to achieve the purpose of safety. The cleaning machine control system is set up with two kinds of cleaning modes: high efficiency cleaning mode and solar term cleaning mode. Efficient cleaning mode is in the gas supply is sufficient, under the gun and gas cleaning, which can greatly shorten the cleaning time and improve efficiency; solar term model is the gas shortage, on the order of air gas cleaning, the cleaning time is 2 times as efficient cleaning mode. Cleaning machine to clean the DPF at the same time, by the dust collector for dust recovery.

Two) working principle of dust collector. The dust collecting device is composed of a dust collecting box, a negative pressure air blower, a small push cart, a pressure differential table and other accessories. The negative pressure generated by the suction fan, the washing machine washing out dust sucked into the dust collecting box, dust collecting box is provided with a HEPA filter, the filtering accuracy is 0.3 microns, HEPA filter will discharge fresh air dust filter, to prevent the pollution of the atmosphere, at the same time, monitoring the filter pressure on both sides of the differential pressure meter in real-time. If the pressure difference reaches to cleaning the filter value by manual will filter out, to clean it with high pressure air gun again after use.

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