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Diesel Particulate Filter

“Huangdi” brand recrystallized SiC honeycomb ceramic wall-flow DPF captures PM in diesel exhaust gases through interactive blockage porous SiC walls between honeycomb channels, which has great capability of capturing the superfine nanoparticles in soot. Besides, it has large filtration area, low pressure drop and compact structure, thus it has excellent heat resistance, chemical stability and thermal conductivity, as well as high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance and long servicelife. We have broken through the monopoly of many foreign patented technologies,such as formula, squeezing and setting, plugging holes alternately as well as sintering at high temperature. The product has been tested by Tianjin SwARC Automotive Research Laboratory Co., Ltd according to international recognized VERT rules that the pressure drop meets the requirements and the average filtration efficiency reach up to 96.5% by analyzing PM weight. It is also certified by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry.

Main Technical Features on DPF products

Technical features Units  
SiC content % >99
cell per square inch cpsi 200~300
cell length mm 1.20~1.45
cell thickness mm 0.30~0.35
Porosity % 42~60
median aperture μm 9~20
Compression strength MPa >13~18
Thermal expansivity (40~800°C) 10-6 4.30~4.40
Thermal conductivity ( 500°C) W/mK >14
capture ratio % >98~99
Honeycomb volume density Kg/L ~0.80
Filter area




thermal shock resistance parameters(ΔT) 250

Products Specification

Shape size(diameter×length) Volume Applicable Engine Displacement
mm L L
¢144X178 3 <2
¢144X254 4.1 <3
¢191X254 7.2 <5
¢222X254 9.8 <6.5
¢267X254 14.2 <9.5
¢286X254 16.3 <10.9
¢286X305 20 <13
    Notes: The specifications and shapes can be customized as required.

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